Back in the 'Burgh

There was some travel drama this past weekend: on my way down to Charlottesville on Thursday, the check engine light came on and I couldn’t figure out why, so I went back to Northern Virginia on Friday to get a different car. Then I drove to Pittsburgh, was there for 2 hours, then had to leave for Indiana. Luckily, other guys in my car were willing to drive so I didn’t have to take us all the way to Indiana. All the work was worth it, though, because the frisbee tournament was awesome! We went 5-1 and finished 3rd, which was definitely a step up from Denver. My goal this week was to ride this wave of success and start the next week off strong.

A lot of Monday was spent working on getting settled into my new house. I wrote the draft of the mass email l will be sending out later in the week and I feel good about how it looks. I then reviewed many of my previous blog posts and put then up on the website to prep for the email distribution, which will hopefully drive people to the site.

On Tuesday, I sent a few emails to some of my higher-up contacts in the City about Revival Chili to see how they could help my business; hopefully I hear back from them soon!

The coolest thing that happened was one of my housemates forwarded me an email she got about a chili contest. I immediately emailed the contact and he wanted to hop on a phone call just 30 minutes later. After talking with him, he offered me a lot more than just entrance into the chili contest. We decided to reconnect on Monday and discuss everything in more depth. I can't wait to see where that relationship goes!

Lastly, I’m supposed to have my first employee interviews tomorrow! I’m really, REALLY excited for that and I can’t wait to start interviewing. My contact at 068 has high opinions of some of the potential candidates, which was good to hear. I’m going do some research beforehand on best practices for interviewing ex-convicts to make sure I’m well-prepared.