My First Employee Interview!

I woke up on Wednesday morning with several texts from my 068 contact. It turns out that his sister just went into labor that morning and so everything that day was canceled. He immediately rescheduled the interviews, and so I wished his family well and slept in, which was definitely something I needed.

On Wednesday I took the day to relax and worked on my side gig a little bit. I also prepared for the interviews that would be happening the next day by doing research on ex-convicts and some of the problems they face (which is a lot - I highly recommend reading a little on it). Wednesday night I went to the StartablePGH competition, which was awesome. Startable is a summer program for high school entrepreneurs to help them start their business. Obviously, some were good, some were bad but overall it was really impressive and something I wish I had when I was in high school. Also, I started tweeting and Instagramming at the event; my goal is to get in the habit of posting more regularly as we continue to move forward.

Thursday, I got in early for the first interview and the guy showed up 3 minutes later, which was 30 minutes early! We ended up finishing the interview before it was supposed to start. He presented extremely well, and is someone that I’m planning on hiring. While waiting for the next interview, I sent a few emails, ordered my business cards (woo!) and sent an inquiry to a t-shirt company. The second interview also went really well, so that was something to be excited about! Thursday evening I went to another event hosted by an incubator. I made a lot of great connections there and got some people excited about the business. I love when other people are just as excited about this project as I am; I keep getting more and more excited to move forward!  

The same night was Italian Days in Pittsburgh, so I went out with some friends and conducted some on-site research on food trucks and their prices. It was very useful, especially because I used the opportunity to do some marketing as well. Friday was fairly relaxed. I researched used kitchen equipment, food truck restrictions, and different food regulation entities in preparation for meeting with my lawyer next week. That’s all for now, this weekend is going to be crazy and then I have a lot lined up for next week, too, which is super exciting! Can’t wait to tell all of you about it!