Back to The States, Oh, and The Logo is Done!!!

I’m on the plane back from Scotland now and a lot has happened in the past two days. Obviously, as you can tell by the title, the logo is finished, which is fucking awesome. You can see the different versions below:  

It has changed a little since the last logo I posted, but I love the different versions. I received the final versions shortly after I wrote my last post; I wanted to get started right away on all the next steps so the next morning so I updated all of the social media accounts. I updated the Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to try to reach the maximum number of people. I won’t be posting very often yet, but I wanted to get them updated ASAP so people can start following the company and get to know who we are. I will start posting more often when the hiring, catering and construction start. All of the social media links and the link to the website are at the bottom of each page; please follow and share with your friends!

I’m really pumped about how this process is continuing to move forward! I am planning on sending out the email blurb about the company out to all of my networks at the beginning of next week. To meet this timeline, I have been editing all of the blog posts so I can put them up on the site. I have also had some time to make an example schedule for one week of operation. I came out with a preliminary schedule that has seven employees each having 38 hours per week. The seven employees all work six days a week, but the shifts are six hours long (one eight hour shift to make up the last two hours) and it seems like a reasonable plan so far .

I started to work on the example balance sheet, profit and loss and cash flow statement, but was running into some difficulties since I have not confirmed all of my exact expenses yet. I emailed my favorite professor from UVA who runs his own restaurant in Charlottesville. He shared some of those statements from the restaurant with our class and they were extremely detailed, so I’m hoping he will send me some to work with. Also, he has an inventory system that he designed for his restaurant to help prevent employee theft. I emailed him a while back about that and have set up a demonstration meeting while I’ll be in Charlottesville. I’m pretty excited to see how it works because I think it could be very useful when determining my own system.

That’s all the updates for now. I’m driving down to Charlottesville tomorrow to have a surgery done on my cat (it’s a VERY long story), and then on Friday I’m driving back to Pittsburgh and then to Indiana; things are very hectic right now! I’m excited to be back in the States though, because it means I’m even closer to start serving chili out of the trailer!