Will I Get Anything Done in Denver…?

I just landed in Denver, here for the weekend for a frisbee tournament. I was planning on writing on the flight but I was up until like 2AM then had to get up at 6:30AM to make the flight so I obviously slept on the flight. Now I’m on the train riding into downtown since I’m staying with a friend there. I’m super fucking excited for this weekend, got a couple days to explore Denver then playing the highest level frisbee I’ve ever played. Anyways, enough about my life, I’ve pretty much not done anything the past couple days. I’ve been too busy moving all my shit, cleaning my old place and working on a side income project. 

After talking with the solar panel guy and my trailer designer on Monday, we decided we would not have the capacity to run all electric items. So I emailed the restaurant supply guy for the new cut sheets we needed for the propane items we wanted. He had an out of office response so I called them and they put me in touch with another guy that could help. He was super helpful and I sent him what I needed but he didn’t get back to me for the next two days. So I called again on Wednesday and got through to him. He asked me a few questions about the specifics then immediately sent me the cut sheets I wanted. This was right as I was about to leave for frisbee practice so it wasn't until I got back that I was able to put together a pdf for my designer. It was of all the exact pieces of equipment I wanted and I sent it over to him around 11pm. I’ll check in with him later today. 


Also, my logo guy actually lives in Denver which is pretty convenient. I probably should have let him know I was coming earlier but I just messaged him on Facebook. Hopefully he texts me and we can meet up and just knock out the logo so I can get everything up and running! Not sure how much I’ll get done in the next couple days (besides logo) so I probably won’t be posting until next week, hope everyone has a great weekend!