From Denver to Scotland

As I alluded to in my last post, there was not a lot done over the weekend. I played ultimate and got to spend time with some awesome people, and overall it was a really great time, but not much progress was made. I asked my contact for the logo to text me, which he did, but I didn’t see it for a few days so I did not end up responding to him until Sunday morning. By that point, the only day we could meet up was today (Monday) and he doesn’t get back to me in time for that either.

With these delays, I wasn’t able to meet my goal of finishing the logo by the end of July. I was really happy with the logo we finally ended on, but I still need all the different versions so I can get keep moving forward. I’m going to message him back tomorrow morning to get an update.

One really great thing that did happen today was one of the guys at my partner company informed me we will be doing in-person interviews on Wednesday the 17th of August! It’s super exciting. He also let me know that there is a small catering event that I could do on the 26th, which is another piece of great news.

In all, we have got a lot of good things in the works--we mainly need to get the logo finalized, and then we will keep moving on the formation of the business! I’m leaving tomorrow for Scotland with my family and I’ll be gone for a week but, don’t worry, I will still be workin’/bloggin’!

Have a good week everyone!