Why Is The Veggie Chili So Good?!

Pretty much nothing happened over the weekend, I thought about some of the stuff I can do but I’m definitely waiting on people now, for the most part. My logo guy has still not responded to my feedback so I followed up with him today and hopefully he will respond soon. I sent him my rough sketch of an idea for a logo (below) and we will see what he does with it. I really, REALLY wanna get the logo because then I can throw the website up and that means I can put this up! I’m super excited to put this up so I can email every single person I know and they can follow along with me on this journey :) 

Also, I got all the specs on the kitchen equipment from the supply company yesterday so that was good. My designer is going to start working on the actual design by going off of the general sketch I gave him for the trailer. Also, I emailed my solar panel guy to start getting him in the loop because we are going to need a lot of power for the truck. The designer then sent him the specs so he can know the payload we need to power the truck and see what he can do for the panels. Hopefully, the final design will be done by the end of this week and then construction can start fairly soon!

Lastly, the main thing I’ve done this week was make the first version of the veggie chili. I officially nailed down the recipe yesterday and bought all the ingredients. This morning was mostly chopping veggies and the rest of the day making it. It’s been simmering for about 3 hours and it is actually much better than expected. I made a sweet and a spicy version and I’m serving it to some friends tonight so we will see what their feedback is! It’s actually much closer to the final than I expected the first batch to be. It might actually be the final recipe, depending on feedback, which is super exciting! Although I don’t always like getting feedback from friends because it’s almost always positive. I’m hoping to make some more chili later this week but I also have to pack up most of the house since I’m moving out this weekend. We will see what I have time to do. And I’m leaving the city for 2 weeks next Wednesday so I don’t need a whole lot of chili right now. Anyways, I’ll see what I can do, I plan on making a large batch with a decent amount of iterations on spices fairly soon though so I can set the final recipe for the meat chilis!

I’m feeling really good this week and am really excited for moving into my new house then going on my trip. I’m going to Denver, Scotland then Indiana on 3 separate trips. Denver and Indiana are for frisbee tournaments and Scotland is with the family. The timing worked out pretty well so that none over lapped but it’s still going to be really hectic. But then I’ll be back and start going ham on the business! Can’t fucking wait :D.