Lesson #1: Use A Lure To Get People To The Truck

So not a whole lot of movement from Wednesday. We did go to the showroom yesterday but it was wholly underwhelming for the most part. It was not the 8000 sq ft I expected of awesome, industrial kitchen equipment. Only like 2000 was used for showroom space and it was very unorganized. But the meeting was actually pretty helpful and the guy we talked with is going to send me and the designer all the cut sheets on Monday for the equipment we talked about. The meeting allowed us (the designer and I) to actually visualize the truck, see what could fit and what couldn’t, and find out how much power the equipment would need. I also found out I wouldn’t be able to fit in everything that I wanted but that’s okay, kinda expected that to happen. So today I drew the new, tentative layout for the truck with all the things I could fit. I sent it to the designer to have him make it exact so we can get started with the build. The sketch is below. 

The guy at the store was not well versed on the codes for food trucks since they mainly supply large, restaurant kitchens. So when I got home yesterday, I made my Revival Chili twitter account (@RevivalChili) and followed all the food trucks I could find in the city. This morning I looked at my feed and saw where a few would be. The designer and I then went to go find them. The first one had already left but the second one was not too far away and they were super helpful. The Founder / CEO was absolutely awesome. We showed up near the end of lunch and he answered all the questions we had and let us see the inside of his truck. It was really informative and the funny thing is, there are almost no restrictions for food trucks in the city of Pittsburgh. You pretty much only have to pass the health inspection and that’s it. We are going to make the Revival Chili truck a little better than that but it was great to know that was all we needed. 

The truck we visited also made me realize something about pricing. It cost me $11 for an 8-inch sandwich, that’s fucking ridiculous! What I’ll be offering for dinner will be waaaayyyyy more food than that and I was planning on charging only $9, I might have to up that to $10 or even higher. So that’s pretty much all I’ve been up to the last few days. Still waiting on the logo so I can actually start posting on the social medias and not just following people but hopefully, that will be soon. Also, to my own chagrin, I downloaded Pokemon Go today but I haven’t really started getting into it. I think I’m gonna go walk around for a bit and catch some Pokemon to see what it’s all about. The one thing I did realize when walking around though is I hope Pokemon Go is still a thing when I launch so I can put a lure near my truck… hope everyone has a great weekend!