Well I Failed...

So I was originally planning on writing after the exam on Friday morning but I ended up NOT passing the exam. Which meant I was pretty sad and just said “fuck it, I’m not doing anything today.” I was pretty confident going into the exam after scoring a 76/80 on the practice but the exam questions were much harder. For a lot of them I was able to narrow it down to two answers but for many of the questions, both made sense so it was hard to determine which was better. In the end, I was very close to passing but ended up failing and it was mainly on the cleaning and sanitation questions. When I got home I immediately reached out to the company I took the class through and let them know I needed to re-take. Luckily, even if you fail once you can retake the exam for free which was great to find out. So now I’m scheduled to retake it tomorrow and have been studying / reviewing all things cleaning and sanitation.

I didn’t do much else last week. I kept trying to get in touch with the CEO of 068 last week but he is still quite busy and finally got back to me on Friday. So I spoke with him in person yesterday when I went into the warehouse. All the material for the trailer has been ordered but they are mainly waiting for the base frame to be shipped so that they can start. He was told that should happen in the next couple of days so hopefully it actually does. I think the launch date will have to be pushed back to November, maybe even the second week :(. Which is sad for me but it’s obvious things are getting done so I can’t complain, just have to hope I don’t run out of money before we start.

As for the other stuff that’s going on, I’m unfortunately not going to cater the big event this upcoming weekend. This happened for many reasons but the main one was not passing the ServSafe exam. Also, they did not get back to me at all last week so after I failed, it just made sense to tell them I couldn’t do it. But the good news is that I am catering a different event this weekend, it’s just going to be a bit smaller :).

Also, I was not able to setup my bank account on Friday because the lawyer is going to have to redo all of the business paperwork. It’s a long story but what it comes down to is that he originally registered it as a Sole Proprietorship LLC however that will have to change. The CEO of 068 has some weird restrictions for how he can invest / be involved in a company. This means he HAS to have a stake in the company in order to be able to invest. He also is loaning me all of the money to start the business and definitely wants it back so he has to have some way of making sure that happens. So, he will be getting 19% as of right now but we will also determine a way I can buy him out. After we come to an agreement we can redo the paperwork, then the business will be re-registered and I’ll be able to get a bank account. Right now that meeting is scheduled for tomorrow morning after my exam so hopefully I pass and can go in with good spirits!

The last update is I just got off the phone with the insurance guy that my lawyer referred me to. It was a very straight forward call and he is going to follow up with a few more questions for me. He is a sole operator insurance guy which means he goes to all the insurance companies to broker the deal for me. Hopefully he can make it happen pretty soon!

Alright, that’s it for now, I WILL be writing tomorrow after I pass my test and work out a good deal with my partner, happy Tuesday!