I actually can’t believe I’m writing so quickly but I said I was going to do it so I have to! I spent most of the rest of yesterday studying for the test. I took like 6-7 different practice exams and went over some of the material that I didn’t do well on - cleaning and sanitation.

Today, I woke up at 7:30 and got ready then left for the exam. I made one wrong turn on my way there but I was still the first person to the testing facility. That meant I was the first one able to start my test, exactly what I was going for. I made one pass through the exam and wrote down all the questions I was unsure of and the ones I didn’t know. On my second pass through, I double checked the questions I was sure of and worked out the answers for the ones I unsure of / didn’t know. The test is 95 questions long and on my second pass through, when I got to about question 70, my heart started racing a little. As I got closer to the end it kept beating faster because I knew I was about to submit. After I checked question 95, I took a deep breath, moved the mouse over the submit button, closed my eyes, and clicked.

When I opened them the first word I saw was “PASSED.” I was pretty freaking relieved. If I hadn’t passed I would have been extremely pissed and had to pay more money to take it again (through the thing I did only the first two times were free). So that was pretty awesome, I went to my car with a huge smile and raced over to the warehouse to meet with my partner and our lawyer. In that meeting, we were able to work out a deal where he would own 19%. If I wanted to buy that back, I would have to payback the loan at 3.5% interest and buy the 19% at an evaluation decided by a third party. However, there is also a cap on the buyout if I decide I want to buy him out 19%. It’s definitely a fair deal and the cap is fairly low so when I have a $10 million business in 5 years I won’t have to pay him $1.9 million to buy him out. So that’s all for now, not going to do much the rest of the day because I want to celebrate. I have to answer a few emails but I’m definitely going to relax and maybe have a drink when I get home. Happy hump day! :)