I’m going to stop complaining about how long it’s taken me to write now because it looks like that’s becoming the trend. There are actually not a lot of updates this time either, mainly waiting on the building of the trailer to get started - same as last time. After I wrote last week everything was pretty stagnant, I mainly did work on the side job and prepared for the frisbee tournament this past weekend. But several pretty exciting things did happen this week!

However, before I get into that I'm going to update you on the trailer real quick. The building is supposed to start on Monday but it's definitely not going to start then. I've been trying to get in touch with the CEO of 068 but he has been out of town and super busy so he is very unresponsive. I'm not quite sure how much it will be pushed back but I can tell you right now, it is getting pushed back. Will give updates as soon as I can.

The first was I got an email on Monday to put in a bid for a large catering event which was SUPER exciting. Fingers crossed that I get the bid to serve 900 people on October 1st! That also caused me to realize that I need several big things to happen so that I can actually complete the bid if I’m awarded it. The main one is I need to partner with a commercial kitchen that I can use for prep and storage for the trailer. I also need this commercial kitchen to cook in so I can cater events before the trailer is ready. I tried to stop by one yesterday but turned out they went out of business earlier this year. I then emailed another guy this morning and he called me less than an hour later to set up a time to meet today.

It was a great meeting, he’s an awesome guy and super excited about the business and what we are doing. He was also extremely helpful to push this along as fast as possible. He connected me with his contact at the health department so I can get the proper permits in order to cater events in the next two weeks and also walked me through some things I would need to be able to cater. He was extremely flexible and I’m very excited to continue the relationship and working with him.

Another exciting thing that happened this week was I gave away some chili at a social enterprise event that was put together by my lawyer and another startup focused group. I was able to meet a lot of awesome people and one guy even wanted me to be on his podcast! Also, by serving the chili I was able to spread the word and start getting people excited about Revival Chili. It was definitely a successful event and I’m excited to see where those connections go. I also went to a networking event on Wednesday night and met a lot of good people there too. Not too many that will actually be useful to the company but spreading the word is always fun :).

The last exciting thing was I got all the documents that made the business an official entity!! I’ve been waiting on the documents for two weeks now but I finally got them, WOOOOOO!! I should have a meeting with PNC bank next week to get the account setup and then I can start doing actual business transactions, holy shit that’s scary...

That’s pretty much it for now. I’m still really excited about the business but I just want to get on the trailer and start serving. Every time I go to an event and start talking with people about it I want to get on the truck more and more. I’m definitely getting a little antsy and nervous as we get closer. I really just need it to start so everything moves and I’m busy all the time with no time to worry. Right now there’s just too much time for worrying, haha. Well, it’s Friday past 5 and I need to start unwinding, hope everyone has a great weekend!