My First Day of Work

So the 2016 Fellow left on Sunday, June 12th and during the next week there were a few developments. 068 let me know that the next meeting would be Wednesday, June 22nd where they wanted to discuss the proposal they would offer me for what they can bring to the business. I made a large batch of chili and did exact measurements of all the ingredients to get the exact cost of a bowl. I also tried to start an amazon store where I would order things wholesale, ship them to amazon and let amazon sell them. I wanted to do this as an extra stream of income but the more I kept trying to do it the more I didn’t want to. I can still follow through but I don’t think I’m going to, haha. I also had a meeting with my previous employer about some part-time work and that went well too. I’m trying to brand myself as an app developer now so I can do some app development on the side and make a little extra money. 

Other than that, the week was fairly uneventful but good for me because I started to realize I didn’t need to push extremely hard to make money right now. I had enough to get me through a few months and I have a great support system that I can always fall back on. During that week, I finally, officially, decided I was going to do the food truck - I just knew that I couldn’t pass up the opportunity when everything was falling into place so well. That weekend I played a lot of ultimate frisbee and my neighbor lent me his PS4 with Fallout 4 so I played a shit ton of that. 

Luckily, he didn’t ask for it back on Sunday, when he originally said he would, and now it’s Friday, June 24th and I still have it so been playing that a lot this week. I also think that it’s good for me to have right now because it’s not taking over my life, I’ve still made progress on the business this week, but it can take up all the other free time I have. 

During the week, I had my meeting with 068 on Wednesday morning and we figured out the best next steps. When I arrived to the meeting at 7:30am, the first thing the CEO of 068 said to me was “welcome to your first day of work.” It was amazing that someone believed in my 23-year-old self so much to just say that after I sat down with him one time. We talked a lot about the partnership and what would happen going forward. Immediately after the meeting I bought the domain name which really solidified that I’m doing this. Also after the meeting, I contacted a few friends about logo design and branding. One kid from high school is responding quickly so think I’ll probably move forward with him. He also did one of my best friends album design, which I really liked. I also emailed a nutritionist I met a while back about sitting down with me to make the recipe more healthy - she hasn't gotten back to me but I’ll just go into her office on Monday. 

Then on Thursday, I met with one of 068’s design guys. They have an architecture firm they work closely with with for tiny home design and other construction projects. I met with one of the architects to start laying out how the tiny home will look, what equipment is needed and how the interior layout should be organized. 068 is scheduling a meeting with their legal guys so we can get the paperwork done about the partnership and start to register my company with the state and federal governments. 

Currently, I’m feeling really fucking good about this. I am definitely way happier with my current state of life than I was a month ago. I really like that I’ve had a little down time and I’ll still have some down time as this starts ramping up in the next couple months but it is also nice to have had something to do. I think this is really good for me and I’m really excited about it. 

One of the things I said a lot in the first week and a half after getting fired was that if I was to explain my current life situation in a couple sentences some people would think I was completely falling apart. I mean come on, my girlfriend that I thought I was gonna marry broke up with me, I got fired from my job, I started putting my hair up in a man bun and I spent a lot of money on tattoo. But in all realities it was the exact opposite. It put me on an amazing path and in the perfect situation to start this company. I have no other commitments, I don’t have a lot to worry about from a money stand point, I’m young and hungry to make a change in the world.