It's A Waiting Game

Not too many updates again - still waiting on people. For the hiring, we are not going to start until much later. My main contact for hiring at 068 is going abroad for the next two weeks so he wants to wait on the job posting which makes sense. I will also be gone for 2 weeks after he gets back so we can’t interview then. But he has all the paperwork ready to go for when he gets back and we can start moving!

I received the first drafts of the logos from my high school friend today. I think they are okay, I didn’t give him a whole lot of direction so it’s understandable they aren’t amazing. However, I did that on purpose because I wanted to see what he could do with it. When I got them I immediately FaceTimed my sister because I knew she was with my dad at an adult art camp, which is fucking awesome by the way. It was perfect they were together because they are both artists so I got their feedback and they are going to draw up a few sketches for me to pass along to my friend. So that’s super exciting and I know they will have great ideas for my designer and I to work with.

I also looked at one of the catalogs I received from a restaurant supplier and it is fucking dense… They just have sooooooo much shit in there and no prices so I can’t tell the difference between the different brands which is silly. So I set up a meeting with one of their reps at their showroom later this week. This will allow me to actually see what they have, how much space it takes up and to get someone’s advice so hopefully, I can have a much better idea about the equipment. I’m hoping to just knock that out in a half day and then have the exact equipment I want so we can get started with the design and building of the trailer!

That pretty much covers it for today, I might do a little more research but there’s pretty much nothing that is urgent right now. I have my meeting with the nutritionist lady tomorrow and am going to wake up early to prep for that, might just play a little Fallout 4 right now… Peace.