Over the past couple of weeks we’ve had a ton of people reaching out wondering how they can help us after our trailer burned down. We have launched a GoFundMe and are asking for donations so that we can continue to pay our employees and get back up and running. We’re working hard to come back stronger than before and use this opportunity to create even more jobs opportunities for the community.

Help us rise from the ashes #revivalrises!!

Want to know where the Revival Chili trailer will be? Check out this useful calendar below!

Follow along on social media for updates and to find out where the trailer will be posted up so you can get some #revivalchili!

“At Revival Chili, we think outside the pot” 

Passion is our gasoline. In order to keep our tank full, we are not only passionate about serving chili to our amazing customers, but we are also passionate about serving the communities in which we live. Thus it is our mission to hire men and women in need of a fair chance at work but currently face barriers to employment, such as homelessness, previous incarceration, lack of experience, etc. We promise to foster the personal growth and professional development of each new employee by providing the following benefits:


Competitive wages and tips: most new food service employees are paid the U.S. minimum wage, which is $7.25 an hour. Entry level employees of Revival Chili start at $12.00 an hour.                  

Professional Development: our goal is to have each employee of Revival Chili become certified food safety managers. We also provide entrepreneurial training and education for employees interested in starting their own food truck or business.

Scheduled raises: each employee has the opportunity to earn up to a $3.00 raise after their first 6 months should they demonstrate adequate workplace knowledge.


Interested in booking Revival Chili at your next event? 

Whether it's a private event, block party, festival or you just want us outside your shop, Revival Chili would love to serve our delicious chili options for your hungry crowd! Please email jordan@revivalchili.com or fill out the contact form here.

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