Family Owned and Operated

The Thoma Meat Market is located 25 minutes north of Pittsburgh in Saxonburg, PA, and currently run by the third generation of Thoma butchers. They raise their award winning meats and are highly regarded by the Pennsylvania Association of Meat Processors. Thoma Meat Market raises grain-fed pigs and grass fed beef, all without the use of steroids. They process their meats daily and are always fresh.

Ultra-fresh and sustainable meat products


Family Owned and Operated

From a group of family farms in Lancaster county, PA, Murray’s Chickens are grown: 

  • Without antibiotics
  • Without hormones
  • Free-range
  • Non-GMO Project Verified
  • Certified Humane
  • Certified Gluten Free

Humane, Sustainable and Healthy Chicken


Family Owned and Operated

A family owned farm that has been operating 25 miles north of Pittsburgh since 1949, Brenckle’s Organic Farm is dedicated to supporting the local community with high quality, healthy food. Three generations of farmers work every day to provide the city of Pittsburgh with impressive local food opportunities.

Brenckle's Organic Farm offers: tomatoes (Heirloom Varietals, Amish Paste), onions (Candy Varietal), and peppers (Hungarian Wax, Specialty Red, Cayenne, Green Bell, Mammoth Jalapeño)

Seasonal varieties that are great ingredients!